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Vroomfondel (1997-2007)

For those who didn't know, we had Vroom put to sleep on June 12, 2007. She passed away quietly a little before 3pm here at home. She was a couple of weeks shy of her 10th birthday.

Vroom had been suffering from failing kidneys for the past 6 months (and probably longer). Despite all our efforts to treat her, there was nothing much the doctors could do in the end except extend her life by a few weeks or maybe a month. Given the amount of pain she was already in, and given the trauma caused by vet visits and the need to inject fluids into her daily via a needle to keep her hydrated, we choose to give her a peaceful exit and spare her the extra trauma and pain.

We spent the day giving Vroom plenty of attention. We let her out into the backyard fairly early so that she could spend her final hours out in the fresh air and sunshine. She had never been allowed outside the house, so it was a special treat that we both felt was well deserved.

Vroom had a great time checking out the backyard in detail. She explored every nook and cranny several times over and enjoyed many new sights and smells. She happily chattered at several birds as they came by to check things out and even ate a few small treats (the only food she'd had in days).

The whole afternoon was a nice, quiet, and relaxing one for all three of us. Joan and I gave Vroom as much attention as she could take, but otherwise we just enjoyed watching her explore. Vroom seemed to enjoy being in the backyard as much as she could enjoy anything given her physical condition. She was calm the whole day, even while the doctor was here. The doctor gave her a heavy sedative to relax her before the end. It was all very quick and Vroom never showed any signs of pain. She died in my lap while Joan and I held her.

She was loved right up to the end and will be sorely missed.